Septiembre 2013 | Toto, New Sire. Soon Semen Available.

We purchased a share in the ownership of Toto, a bull that we included as a sire in our herd. It is Tigra X11 Federal Yapa T/E, an offspring of Federal, with Keno and Thunder on its dam’s side.  It was Junior Champion in the Fall Show and Reserved Grand Champion at Palermo 2013.  We have already used it in several washings and soon semen will be available.

September 2013 | The Sale with a Difference, Spring Edition

At Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, and led by Paz Hnos., we sold our entire good set of Hereford Pedigree and Grade Up bulls and heifers. This is a 26-year old auction and it is marked by the loyalty of buyers who have regularly purchased sires from Las Tranqueras over many years.



Agosto 2013 | TV Interview. Agrositio.

The online news channel Agrositio, interview Marta Vila Moret de La Valle for the "Farm Women" Show.

View interview here



Agosto 2013 | Hereford Nacional Show.

The Rural Society in Concordia, Entre Ríos, hosted the widely attended, top level National Hereford Cattle Show where we played a relevant part.  We obtained Bull Calf and Female Calf Grand Champions, Senior Heifer Champion and Junior Reserved Heifer Champion.  The female calf is Hermosa (photo) which was Grand Champion in the Fall Show and Reserved in the Palermo Cattle Show.  The bull calf is Vic Tropezón, a former Champion in Palermo.

Agosto 2013 | Sale in Gral. Belgrano.

Attended by a large number of breeders, our Sale at General Belgrano was a great success.  There was a notorious interest in Hereford and Angus bulls, average prices proved most satisfactory, significantly higher than last year’s in some categories.  Option on 50% of a Hereford female calf reached $142,000 and 50% of an Angus female calf reached $76,000.  Our first Purebred Red Angus bull was purchased by Debernardi and a group of breeders.  This was the third Las Tranqueras bull purchased by an Insemination Centre in the current year.

August 2013 | Palermo Show. Another Outstanding Year!

Grand Champion Female, Champion Senior Heifer, Champion Junior Heifer, Champion Senior Heifer Calf, Horned Champion Female, Reserve Champion Junior Heifer Calf, Reserve Grand Champion Bull, Third Best Bull, Champion 2 Year Bull, Champion Senior Bull, Reserve Champion 2 Year Bull, Third Best Senior Bull, Third Best Senior Bull Calf.

And in Angus: Champion 2 Year Bull, Third Best Intermediate Heifer Calf

May 2013 | T.V. Interview

The people from "Hombres de Campo" visit Us at our Ranch in General Belgrano, and made us an interview. Click on the image to view it -In spanish-



May 2013 | Hereford Show at Olavarría (B.A.)

A top level show where we achieved outstanding results. Grand Champion Female, Grand Champion Female Calf, Reserved Grand Champion Calf, Grand Champion Female Calf Pen, 5 Champions, 9 first prizes and the satisfaction of seeing 1 Gran Champion and one Reserve Grand Champion produced by heifers sold at our sale.




May 2013 |Angus Fall Show at Bolívar (B.A.)

An exceptional daughter of Traveler 004 and Gringuita that we share with La Rubeta was included in its Gran Champion Pen in Fall 2013 and was chosen 3rd best Female in a Pen. It's offspring witnesses to this great cow’s potential.




May 2013 | Grade Up Sires

All Grade up offered at our sales through 2013 are top level and we are truly proud of them. Fleshy, deep, adequate structure and good performance data.




May 2013 | Farolito's Offspring

Genuine satisfaction with its offspring in our Pedigree and Grade up herds. The photo features one of its  offspring. Reserved Grand Champion Calf in the Fall Show 2013  with the cow that birthed the Reserved Grand Champion Female in Palermo 2012.




April 2013 | Hereford Cradle

We were invited once more to this prestigious sale in Tandil, (BA).  We exhibited 3 heifers and 2 heifer calves. We obtained the highest prize with a daughter of Alabama and Estela, our super dam.




April 2013 | Sales and Shows Calendar 2013


   June 5                  Fall Sale at Junín.

   Agust 23             Traditional Sale of  Gral. Belgrano.

   September 20   Spring Sale at Junín.


   Fall - Hereford in Tandil.


   Hereford and Angus Nationals.

April 2013 | Festejado's Offspring

Festejado keeps bringing joy to us through its offspring.  The eldest are over two years old and have become successful sires and its daughters have birthed remarkable calves and have good maternal ability. The photo shows Festejo Fuerte that was 2-year Champion and 3rd Best Bull at Palermo 2012.




January 2013 | Sir William at Denver

One of the first daughters of our Sir William won its class at the Denver National Show in 2013.  Within an important and large Hereford show that culminated in a successful sale attended by 1500 people and prices that reached up to US$ 120,000 for 50% of a sire.




September 2012 | Angus National Cattle Show

The important and widely attended Angus National brought renewed pleasure.
Our bull received first prize in its class, was chosen as 3rd Best 2-Year Senior and attained one of the highest prices at the Sale. We returned home with two first and three second prizes.